This Casio watch is what every frequent flyer dreams of

It’s also the perfect timepiece to help you transition into the digital age.

Sponsored by Casio March 8, 2017

In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon. Their mission isn’t just significant for what was accomplished, it’s momentous for how mankind even managed to pull off something like that. 

"Getting off Earth was only the beginning," Dave Parker, former director of the British National Space Centre, told The Guardian in 2009. "Getting to the moon is twice as hard as getting into orbit, and landing on the moon is twice as hard as getting there. And coming home is twice as hard again."

Anticipating failure, the United States government had a condolence speech in place for President Nixon even before the astronauts left the surface of the planet in the Apollo 11 space flight. Thankfully, no one had to hear any part of that speech.

The Casio watches of today arguably pack far more processing power than the Apollo 11 space flight. Apart from creating self-correcting and light-powered timepieces, the brand has made a name for itself with its ultra-durable collection – especially the G-Shock sub-brand. 

The pick of the bunch that we are particularly in awe of right now is the gorgeous Edifice EQB-600 Smartphone Link with 3-D Globe Dial. Almost everything we love about the watch is on the face, installed at the three o’clock position. This dome-shaped globe, that is superimposed with a yellow hand, displays world time. Intriguingly, the globe is designed to mimic what the Earth looks like from the North Pole – we can’t confirm, but we’d like to believe it’s the sight Armstrong and Aldrin saw from the moon about 48 years ago.

There’s a neat little ring around the dial that's split into two parts. The upper half is painted black to depict night while the lower half is painted silver to depict day. At midnight, the yellow hand aligns itself with the upside down triangle on the globe. Fascinatingly, the globe even rotates once a day in time with the Earth’s rotation.

The Edifice EQB-600 isn’t your traditional smartwatch. In a world where tech giants and respected horology brands are doing everything they can to make watches moonlight as fitness bands, smartphone accessories and more, the EQB-600 stays true to its heritage. It’s not a smartwatch, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a smart watch.

As you may have deciphered from its name, the EQB-600 requires a smartphone to get started. To do so you’ll first need to download the CASIO+ app for your device, search for the right model number (in this case EQB-600) and push the dedicated Bluetooth pairing button at the eight o’clock position for a second and a half.

The watch will then beep for a second as the hands automatically set themselves to your home time based on the local time on your phone – this is when the globe rotates to assume its position. Once completed, you can proceed to setting your world time from a database of 300 cities. 

This nifty function makes planning ahead for travel super easy, which is also one way to fight off jet lag. For example, if you know you’ll be travelling from the UAE to New York, you would need to set the world time sub-dial to NYC before you leave. Once there, you can swap the two clocks by holding down the button at the two o’clock position for three seconds.

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The watch comes with an airplane mode to respect your jet-setting ways and even features a power saving mode – though considering the 100m water-resistant watch comes with Casio’s Tough Solar Power, it won’t be running out of juice anytime soon. Casio also threw in a “find my phone” feature like the one we loved on the Apple Watch. Here, you only need to push the button on the four o’clock position to ping your phone.

The stainless steel and aluminium timepiece is big and looks like it could swallow your wrist, but if you’re an old-school horology enthusiast and are looking to ease into the digitised world of timepieces, this is the one we recommend you start with. Plus, you get to see mechanical hands tick-tock as the planet Earth rotates on your wrist. When was the last time you heard someone say that?