Tom Ford to launch his first line of watches

The fashion mogul will work with Fossil’s founder to produce Tom Ford Timepieces.

Neil Churchill January 31, 2017

There’s very little Tom Ford has done in his professional career that hasn’t turned to gold. From making suits for James Bond to directing his own feature films, the first of which was Oscar nominated no less, the 55-year old American is a revered name in the fashion and creative industries.

Now he’s taking his first step into the world of watches with the announcement this week of Tom Ford Timepieces. In partnership with Detroit-based watchmaking company Bedrock, which is best known for producing Fossil and Shinola watches, the announcement adds yet another luxury fashion brand to the horology world. 

It makes sense really; already you can be dressed head-to-toe in his eponymous brand, the only thing missing was the wrist wear.

So what can we expect? All we know so far is that the watches will be produced in Switzerland in a limited capacity and will have a luxury price position. Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be ‘Swiss Made’.

What level of luxury they will be though remains to be seen. Fashion watches range from the lower-end Michael Kors and Armani, through Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton up to Gucci and at the very top, Cartier – whose watches rub shoulders with the established Swiss watchmaking names. 

The best guess is Ford’s timepieces will be in the upper end of the fashion bracket on a par with Gucci – whose former president is chairman of Tom Ford – and will most likely use quartz movements. (If we’re wrong and they end up having ETA-based automatic movements then hats off to him for taking it more seriously than his peers.)

"Watches have long been an obsession of mine and I have been waiting for the perfect moment in our brand development to introduce this category and have also waited for the perfect partner," Ford said in a statement.

"We have found that in Tom Kartsotis and Bedrock Manufacturing Company. His passion and expertise in the industry are unparalleled and I could not be more excited to embark on this venture with Tom and the team at Bedrock." 

Who is the man he mentioned, Tom Kartsotis? He’s the founder of Bedrock Manufacturing Company and the man behind Fossil watches and more recently Shinola. So Ford isn’t going at this alone by any means, which is probably wise.

Whether the watches will be worth their price tag remains to be seen, but we don't doubt they’re going to look exceptional and will fit perfectly beneath a Tom Ford-tailored cuff.