What’s in the wardrobe of Medy Navani?

EDGAR met with the boss at international architecture and interior design firm Design Haus Medy.

Robert Chilton June 19, 2017

What’s your normal Sunday to Thursday office outfit?
I love my suits and colourful trousers, specifically belt-less trousers. In Dubai it is always hot so loafers are a must and I like to add a clash of colour with a pocket square. I wear white or black tailor-made shirts because they fit with almost any outfit, but it’s very important that they have no pockets and I always add my initials.

Seeing as you work in architecture and design, we’re guessing you enjoy putting your outfit together?
Absolutely, I love the combination. At the end of the day we are designers and not bankers, so a typical three-piece suit does not work. I have to admit I get a great support from my partner who is a fashion designer.

Do you wear sneakers to work?
I love sneakers, but never for work. When I put my sneakers on I know it is the weekend. The brand does not matter as long as they are comfortable and stylish. My favourites are my denim Louis Vuitton sneakers.

What do you think is most important in your clothing: colour, comfort, quality, or shape?
It's definitely the selection of the right combination to sit and look good. You can be dressed completely in black, with inexpensive cloth but still look impressive. It's the way the cloth shapes and highlights the person wearing it. Having the right structure and shape will result in comfort. If it doesn’t fit you, it's not made for you, so don't buy it.   

What is your shopping tactic? Buy everything online? A mall blitz once every three months? Or add one piece every two weeks?
I still believe in seeing, touching, wearing and feeling a piece before purchasing it. That results in plenty of shopping trips. 

What is your ‘Friday morning breakfast with friends' look?
White ripped stretch denim, blue long-sleeved denim shirt, blue denim sneakers with invisible socks, sunglasses and watch.

What watch do you wear?
I am loyal customer of Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe, but I have to admit that lately I have fallen in love with a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony skeleton in rose gold. What a watch.

Are you a fan of wearing a suit?
I am addicted to suits, the more the better. The majority of mine are tailor-made by a very talented designer in Dubai. A couple of my favourites are Tom Ford evening suits, Dior, Brunello Cucinelli and my latest brand Suitsupply.  

What beach shorts will you be wearing this summer?
In a last minute rush for a beach holiday I got the Ralph Lauren swimming shorts in all 12 colours – that should cover me for a while!  

What was your biggest shopping mistake?
On a business trip to West Africa I asked a local tailor to make me some cool traditional shirts. I left him the freedom to select the fabric and shape. Ever since then the shirts have enjoyed the purity of having never being worn.

Jewellery on a man – yes or no?
Yes to bracelets, no to earrings.

What is your golden rule for getting dressed every day?
Always select the complete outfit the night before and hang it out, making sure it's perfectly steamed – or perfectly wrinkled.