Believe it or not, a luxury island resort exists off the UK

The 136-year-old Spitbank Fort has been converted into a stunning hotel.

EDGAR staff November 2, 2014

While we love to bring you news of luxury island resorts, they tend to be in perennial sunny climes such as the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean; rarely are they in the United Kingdom. But if you're after an island getaway that blends history with outstanding levels of luxury, then you're going to be pretty hard-pressed to beat this place.

With the kind of backstory you only find in the UK, combined with five-star luxury and the peace and isolation that comes with being situated on its own private island, Spitbank Fort is a truly one-of-a-kind destination.

Going back more than 130 years, the fort, which is positioned just off the UK's south coast, was once considered a vital part of Britain's defence against a French invasion.

However, nowadays the historical building, which can only be reached by boat, has been converted into a unique luxury hotel featuring just nine guest suites - all of which have been lovingly decorated, retaining all their original character while taking on a brand new level of modern luxury.

And there's no danger of getting bored while you're cut adrift from the mainland, as the hotel boasts a sauna, an open-air rooftop hot-tub, a fire pit with stunning views, a fully stocked wine cellar, games rooms and even a restaurant, set in the old Officer's Mess room.

With all manner of activities including fishing, whiskey and wine tasting, sabrage, cigar rolling and poker, this could well be the ultimate option for a gentleman's weekend away.

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