Business Class only from Paris to New York

French outfit La Compagnie will fly business-class only flights between the two cities from July.

Neil Churchill June 22, 2014

We all know that on boarding an aircraft you should turn left, not right, and head straight to your fully reclinable Business Class seat. But what if you didn't have to?

What if, no matter where you sat on the plane, you were guaranteed a comfortable, spacious seat. What if Economy didn't even exist? Well as of next month, a new French airline is promising just that.

La Compagnie - 'The Company' in English - will enter into the highly competitive aviation industry from July by shuttling business-class only planes between Paris and New York.

Positioning itself as a 'premium transatlantic service', the boutique airline has modified a Boeing 757-200 to fit 74 angled-flat seats in a 2x2 configuration. Passengers will each be given a Samsung Galaxy Pro 12-inch tablet for their in-flight entertainment, and enjoy food prepared by Michelin-starred chef Christophe Langrée.

Travellers will also be served by 'stylishly-dressed' flight attendants and be offered the use of Caudalie amenity kits.

The Paris outbound flight will depart Charles de Gaulle airport at 5.50 pm and will arrive at New York's Newark airport at 8.30 pm the same day. A 75-minute turnaround for the airliner means the New York-Paris flight will leave at 9.45 pm, arriving the following day in Paris at 11.30am.

La Compagnie is expected to take delivery of a second 757 in December - clearly the French company thinks it's onto a winner, looking to capitalise on the Franco-American business ties.

At the very least, there's now a more comfortable way to enjoy the journey between two of our favourite cities.

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