The future of private jets has arrived

Honda has built one of the coolest-looking planes we’ve ever seen. But will it rival the Gulfstream?

Peter Iantorno June 10, 2014

A private jet is all well and good but don't you find that the average cabin is just not big enough for you to really spread out and relax in? Yep, us too, and Honda seems to agree.

That's why the brand better known for producing the boy racer's favoured mode of transport - the humble Civic - has decided to shake up the exclusive world of private jets.

The Japanese company's chief concern was to address the apparent space issue, developing a groundbreaking design for it's HondaJet that sees the HF120 turbofan engines rest on pedestals that rise from the wings, rather than mounting them on either side of the fuselage, as is usual on jets of a similar size.

We don't want to bore you with the scientific implications of the redesign, but what's immediately apparent is that the HondaJet looks like something from Star Wars - and that's no bad thing. T

he first production version of the plane is now in final assembly and Honda predicts it will be ready some time early next year. It should cost around the $4.5 million mark when it goes on sale - a small price to pay to arrive at your business meeting in something that looks like it could take down the Empire.

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