Buy your own private island in Dubai, Maldives or Miami

Is this the future of luxury living?

EDGAR staff January 18, 2015

Manmade luxury island resorts aren't something new in the UAE, but with the newly announced Amillirah Private Islands set to be developed off the coast of Dubai, the country may have got its coolest artificial habitat yet.

Set to be built within the existing World Islands project, the development will take opulence and luxury to whole new levels, with each individual private island housing just one villa, along with it's own private garden, pool and beach.

The company behind the project, Dutch Docklands, is no stranger to ambitious developments, having already been involved in a raft of other water-based projects, including the upcoming Krystall Hotel in Norway, which is basically a giant floating snowflake. Krystall hotel Norway

In fact, the Dutch have led the way in the world of water defence technology for years, and Amillarah’s developers claim that the islands are completely stable on the water, built to last for at least 100 years and can survive adverse weather conditions and rising water levels without any problems.

Not only that, but the villas will utilise solar panels to be completely self-sufficient, and the latest state-of-the-art green technology used for the base will even create a new underwater habitat for sea life.

With such bold claims, yet nothing actually built yet you wouldn't be blamed for being cynical, but the fact that the company is working in co-operation with both Christie’s International Real Estate and famed oceanographer Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society charity shows that they're clearly serious about what they are saying.

Like the idea? As well as the Dubai location, there are also options in both Miami and the Maldives. The choice is all yours.

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