The Evason Ma’in: Jordan’s hidden gem

An exclusive spa retreat with its own hot spring and waterfall, you won’t find another place like the Evason Ma’in anywhere else in the world.

January 5, 2015

When it comes to unique location, few hotels in the world can compete with the Evason Ma’In Hot Springs spa resort in Jordon. Like an emerald wedged between the ochre red cliffs of the Dead Sea desert, this Six Senses gem is an oasis in the literal sense of the word.

Like buried treasure, one stumbles upon this hidden gem after the most breathtaking of drives with vistas of biblical proportions and heritage. Then, rounding another tightly coiled set of asphalt switchbacks, you glimpse the property.

Clinging to the wall of a steep wadi, the buildings blend sympathetically with the rock, allowing the high waterfall cascading down the opposite cliff to take centre stage. If you’re looking to impress the better half, it’s a cast iron case of love at first sight.

The spa retreat may lay 264 metres below sea level, but from the moment you enter, its obvious the Evason Ma’In is of the highest calibre. The lowly lit lobby and subtle aromas diffuse a sense of calm and relaxation on arrival - something previous visitors to properties in the Six Senses portfolio will instantly recognise.

After the sensory assault created by the UAE’s hotels as they each vie to create a lobby more grandiose than their competitors, the almost Spartan simplicity of the Evason Ma’In’s reception is a welcome relief. Stone flagged floors, wooden beams and furniture so simplistic it is almost rustic set against the backdrop of rough plaster walls. The only distracting intricacy here lies in the judiciously placed wooden carvings and antique candle lamps.

Smartly through the efficient check-in, we were shown to our room, one of the property’s 94 including suites, and were immediately drawn to the balcony terrace that faced the tumbling sheets of water pouring over the wadi’s lip.

Inside our one-bedroom suite, the décor followed very much the theme of the rest of the resort, using local natural materials, but punctuated with more colour in the form of the soft furnishings, the sofa and rugs scattered on the floor. At 64sqm, the suite comfortably accommodated a separate bedroom and lounge, guest cloakroom and the full bathroom. Though during a future visit we may spoil ourselves with one of the two Royal Suites, which we were told were on the top floor and offer almost 360-degree views around the wadi.

After more time on the balcony mesmerised by the hypnotic waterfall, we gathered the energy to head down to the pool. On arrival however, spying other guests splashing around in the warm natural waters of the gurgling stream, we headed down to the valley floor instead.

With little else to do but let the water rush over us, thoughts soon turned to dinner, and which restaurant to choose. With three options, including in-room dining, the Olive restaurant or a Private Dining and destination experience, it was a relatively short discussion.

A quick aperitif in The Cellar, where the sommelier introduced us to some rather wonderful cheese pairings with our wine, before our guide arrived for a strenuous hike up to a clifftop setting overlooking the Dead Sea. The scene doesn’t need much more description than candle, crisp linen, utter seclusion and your own private chef; offer me any table in town and none could match the uniqueness of occasion that the Evason Ma’In is able to create.

So, if you’re seeking a relaxing spa getaway to wash away those New Year blues, packaged with a comprehensive list of optional activities, at a highly unique location with great dining and service, this is certainly one to consider. The Six Senses Evason Ma’In, Jordan… did we already mention it had a private waterfall?

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