Did you know there’s a Michael Schumacher island in Dubai?

Compared to the lack of development across the rest of The World project, the ex-F1 champ’s $7 million luxury island is quite astonishing.

Neil Churchill January 14, 2016

The World Islands in Dubai have always been something of an enigma. As beautiful and impressive as they are from the air, there’s actually very little to see at ground level. 

That’s supposed to be changing with the Heart of Europe development, with Sweden due to be the first completed stage in early 2017. There’s Lebanon Island too, which houses a beach club and throws the occasional Friday brunch. 

But the majority of the islands are effectively just mounds of sand, with little sign of life, development or luxury living. All except for one, that is. 

There’s an island on the most Eastern part of North America that has been fully completed now for nine years, and it belongs to legendary racing driver Michael Schumacher. 

Named after the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, Michael Schumacher Island was a retirement gift from the Dubai royal family to the ex-racing driver after his final grand prix in Brazil (first retirement) in 2006.

Valued at around $7 million, the island is home to a luxury mansion villa, swimming pool, beach, manicured garden, helipad and a dock big enough to house a 100 foot yacht.

Compared to the lack of development across the rest of The World project, the luscious green island with a house that wouldn’t look out of place in Emirates Hills, is quite astonishing.

Schumacher turned 47 at the start of the year, just five days after the second anniversary of his skiing accident. 

While there is little update on his health, if he ever does make a full recovery then an island like this is a fitting retirement home for one of sport’s greatest ever champions.