Dubai's new British Airways lounge has an exclusive bar

IMAGES: the Concorde Bar needs a special card to gain access, and is hidden away within the already exclusive BA lounge.

Neil Churchill February 24, 2016

Given that British Airways (BA) will start flying its Dreamliner with first class cabin to Dubai later this year, it makes perfect sense that the airline has unveiled a new lounge where the return flights will depart from. 

Part of the opening for the new Concourse D at Dubai International Airport, BA’s new lounge – accessible to First and Club World (that’s business class in BA language) passengers and Silver and Gold Executive Club members – has an exclusive area within the lounge itself. 

For use by first class passengers only, swiping a special entry card gains access to the Concorde Bar, an ultra-exclusive lounge with a selection of premium beverages and private booths. Forget what you knew about high-end bars off Sheikh Zayed Road being difficult to get into, this is probably the most exclusive bar in Dubai. 

Elsewhere in the lounge for all the paupers flying Club World, the interiors will have you feeling like you’ve already landed in London, with British design and architecture throughout. 

It does however acknowledge its Middle East location, with artwork from Iraqi-born artist, Dia Al Azzawi, as well as Gulf heritage images from the British Airways archive. 

From the images the lounge certainly looks the part. But will it break into our list of the world’s top 10 airport lounges