Flying down the wing: How Luis Figo travels

The former world footballer of the year never forgets to pack a good pair of swim shorts.

June 6, 2016

Luis Figo is one of the greats. The Portuguese winger played for Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid in a trophy-stuffed career, as well as chalking up a record-breaking 127 appearances for the Portugal national team.

Voted Europe’s best player in 2000 and the world’s best player in 2001, Figo travelled the world in his playing days, something he still loves to after retirement. 

Are you a beach holiday type of guy or an adventure holiday thrill-seeker? 

I’m definitely a beach guy. But I also love to play golf and am open to trying different sports. I started waterskiing recently and that was a really fun experience.

What things do you always pack when you travel? 

Some nice swimwear, a good book, and a camera because I love taking photos of my family during my trips. I usually travel light though, because I love to spend my time just relaxing on the beach. 

How do you pass the time on a long plane journey?

I watch the latest movies and TV series or get stuck into a good book. 

What sort of places do you like to visit on holiday? 

It has to be somewhere with warm sun and a blue ocean. My last holiday was in the beautiful Maldives with my family and friends. We stayed at JA Manafaru for the second time and had a wonderful holiday.

When you were still playing, what was your favourite city to visit? 

Paris is one of the places I’ll always enjoy visiting. The sightseeing is amazing of course, and I really enjoyed playing in Parc des Princes stadium.

What cities do you love now? 

I love Rome for its interesting culture and fashion, And I love the winter in Stockholm. To me, apart from the fact that my wife is Swedish, I honestly feel that it’s one of the best cities in Europe to live in. I’ve also enjoyed Cape Town from the first time I went to work there, it’s just so alive and beautiful. And I must mention Lisbon, which for me as my hometown, feels like the capital of the world.

What did you think of Milan when you lived there?

Milan, for me, is the greatest shopping city in the world. I lived there for four years and I have a lot of friends in the city. 

Have you ever had a scare while travelling?

I travel a lot and have had my fair share of scares, particularly on flights. The scariest experience was when I was on a flight preparing to land and the pilot made a last minute decision to pull back and keep flying right before we hit the runway, due to the plane’s position. The jerk threw all of us off – I was quite shaky for a while.

Where haven’t you been that you’d love to visit? 

I’d really like to go and see Hawaii and Australia. Both destinations are on my list to visit sometime soon as I have heard so much about them from my friends.

Luis Figo was staying at the Dubai at JA Palm Tree Court at the JA Jebel Ali Golf Resort.