Packing heat: luxury suitcases for your summer holiday

With these, your clothes will travel in style too.

July 18, 2016

A clever chap once dished out a piece of advice about packing for holidays that stuck: take half the clothes and twice the money.

There is nothing quite so tedious as hobbling up a staircase in an airport lugging a suitcase that weighs the same as a baby elephant. Suddenly, that extra pair of leather brogues that you packed “just in case” seem like a daft idea. One pair of jeans would have been plenty, right? And did you really need three sweaters?

Holiday packing is all about versatility. With a few clever choices you’ll have a manageable case but still look great when you stroll into the bar on the first night of your holiday for a drink. 

Tumi, AED 6,145; Berluti, AED 28,400; Louis Vuitton, AED 17,500; Rimowa, AED 1,999.

A denim shirt is a good piece for your summer vacay. It’ll provide just enough warmth if the weather gets unexpectedly nippy and is less bulky than a coat. Think about how your clothes can double up. Reiss, for example, have reversible leather belts that are navy on one side and burgundy on the other.

Going to a wedding abroad? You can roll the sleeves up of your white formal shirt with jeans for the rest of your trip. A pair of running sneakers in a sober colour can also be worn while pounding the sightseeing trail.

One item you’ll get a lot of wear out of on a summer holiday is a slim fit white t-shirt. Dress it up with jeans in the evening, or wear it with beach shorts in the day. A Panama hat instantly adds a dash of flair to your outfit. Plus, it’ll protect you from sunstroke. Ever had sunstroke? Trust us, you never want to. Don’t pack it in your suitcase; sorry but you just have to carry it – and don’t leave it on the plane.

Shoe bags are totally worth it. Not only will they prevent your clothes from getting mucky but they’ll also protect them from any toilet bag spillages. Leather and toothpaste do not get along.

Missoni, AED 12,955; Hermes, AED 49,000; Longchamp, AED 2,660; Montblanc, AED 7,000.