This man travels the world 270 days per year

This is how he copes with jet lag and everything else that comes with excessive travel.

January 15, 2017

Paul Monahan travels the world 270 days per year in his role as global ambassador for Sailor Jerry, but is proud to call Boston home. 

What does all that travelling do to your body clock and your brain?
The body is worse than the brain luckily. It’s as if I have been on tour for a band that I don’t play an instrument for. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for almost three years because sleeping on planes and in hotels isn’t good for the ole’ back. Travel like this is for the young and the restless – luckily I am still plagued with the restless part. 

Airports: exciting places filled with happy people or lifeless buildings that drive you nuts?
Combination of both. The optimist in me loves seeing families and kids running around – especially during the holidays. You learn to avoid those times. 

Have you learned any quick fixes for jetlag?
No matter where I am, I stay up with the crowd. You can’t fight it, you have to realise it’s going to be a day or two before you get back on track. Be smart and don’t schedule anything early for a day or two and you’ll be golden. Or drink excessive amounts of caffeine.

What do you do on a long flight? 
Most of my work trips consist of me speaking in front of people, which is draining, so to get on a flight and be a zombie in front of a few movies is nice. 

What’s your favourite bar in the world?
The Beachcomber Bar in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. It’s on a remote cliff on one of the furthest points east in the state right on the water. It was grandfathered in back in the 1960s when politicians made the surrounding acres part of the National Seashore – protecting it from any further commercial or residential development. It’s a hike out there, but like any sought out destination, nothing beats it when you get there. 

You’re from Boston. What should a visitor do there to understand the city?
Harvard Square at Harvard University is a vibrant part of the city where all cultures come together to be surrounded by buildings that are older than the country itself. Go to Fenway Park [home of the Red Sox baseball team] for the energy and local feel. Boston is a big sports city and the people are proud to have had very successful teams for the past half a century. The fans are unapologetic and prideful like no other. 

Have you done any road trips?
Many. Two of the most beautiful that come to mind were a three-hour trip up the coast of Portugal from Lisbon to Porto. In March I drove from Geneva to Zurich where the highway curls around the mountains. 

When you check into a hotel, what things impress you?
Easy access to high speed internet, a strong shower, and a comfy bathrobe. I have stayed in small boutique hotels where you are assigned a code to get in and out and you don’t see a single employee during your stay. But at other properties you are welcomed by 15 people. Not a bad thing, but it’s enjoyable to see how hospitality is executed. 

How about adventure holidays?
I took a surfing vacation in Costa Rica in 2007 when it had not been discovered by Americans yet. The sand on the central pacific coast is volcanic and black so you walk in and can’t see your feet – very creepy. But amazing surf and the locals were amazingly friendly. 

Got any good packing tips?
Neutral colours that can be layered will give you many outfit options for any environment. I wear black, grey, and blue with few logos. A denim vest, two different zip up hoodies, black t-shirts, denim shirts, and black jeans – that’s all you need. 

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