7 reasons why dating a cougar is just better

Becoming a toy boy could be the best relationship choice you ever make.

EDGAR staff October 12, 2014

The definition of the word "cougar" varies depending on who you listen to, but the basic gist is that a cougar is either an older woman who enjoys the company of younger men - think Courtney Cox, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock - or a mountain lion native to the Americas. While we appreciate the beauty of the latter, it's the former that we're particularly interested in - specifically, why every man should be dating one.

There's a practical approach that can explain why dating a cougar is so beneficial. Imagine yourself as the head of a start-up company, and imagine that you had to pick a business partner. Obviously you'd choose someone with more experience over some young upstart who is barely out of education, wouldn't you?

And it's exactly the same with dating - a cougar has far more experience, so she's able to make everything run smoothly, with the minimum of hassle. But experience isn't the only benefit of an older woman; here are seven reasons why dating a cougar is just the best:

1. She's intelligent

You can take the most stunning girl in the world out to dinner, but if all she wants to talk about is nail polish, her pet Chihuahua and how much she loves The Devil Wears Prada, you'll do well not to fall asleep in your soup.

However, a cougar has a few more years of life experience behind her - perhaps she's travelled the world a bit and had time to form views on subjects that are interesting on a deeper level than the latest celebrity fads - so she can more than hold her own when it comes to intelligent conversation. Finch and Stiffler's Mom, American Pie.

2. She's independent

There's nothing worse than being in a relationship with an overly clingy girl. You know the type we mean - you've already spent the whole weekend with her, yet going out one weeknight to watch football with your mates still lands you in the doghouse.

But with a cougar, she already has all of her own stuff going on so you don't need to be attached at the hip to keep her content. She's more than happy to meet up whenever it suits, and if anything, you're the one chasing her for dates.

3. She's financially secure

This isn't the be all and end all, but while you're more than happy to pay your way on dates, it can get a bit tiresome if you think you're being taken advantage of by a gold digger and being asked to pay for phone bills, expensive gifts and the like.

Generally speaking a cougar is better off than someone a bit younger, so she doesn't want you to shower her with expensive gifts or pay for every single date every time you meet.

4. She's forthright

No man enjoys playing games when it comes to relationships. Seriously, what's with all this nonsense about having to wait three hours between texts to keep people keen? 

This is certainly not a problem you have to overcome with a cougar. She knows her own mind and she's been around the block enough times to also know that being open and honest with her feelings is the best way to get what she wants.

Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake.

5. She's more chilled

While there's definitely a time and a place for the wild partying, loud music and stupid dancing in packed-out nightclubs that some younger girls tend to prefer on a night out, sometimes you just want to do something a bit more grown up.

Spend an evening with a cougar and you can expect a rather more sophisticated experience. She's gone past her rebellious stage where she was desperate to be the centre of attention, and now she appreciates some of the finer things in life.

6. She has realistic expectations

It's not her fault, but after a childhood of watching Disney films where Prince Charming sweeps his beautiful princess off her feet, that younger girl you're seeing has her heart set on her very own fairy-tale ending, and she won't be happy unless you can provide it.

This isn't the case with a cougar, who's a bit more savvy and knows how the world works. She's been through it all before, so she's not disappointed when you forget to send flowers on Valentine's Day, and she certainly doesn't expect you to be her knight in shining armour.

7. She's a master in the bedroom

Never has the saying "practice makes perfect" been more apt than when describing a cougar's performance in the bedroom. It stands to reason that someone who's had a few more years of experience is going to be far more skilled between the sheets than someone who's relatively new to it all.

Not only that, but a cougar has got over her little insecurities, knows exactly what she wants and is always willing to try new things, all of which means if you're dating one, you're a lucky, lucky boy.