9 Of The World Cup's Hottest Women

Behind every great footballer is a really hot wife and/or girlfriend. EDGAR picks out the partners who are sure to get their fair share of screen time this summer.

Matthew Priest June 5, 2014

Apparently something called the ‘World Cup’ kicked off this past weekend. We say apparently, because we here at EDGAR were halfway through watching the opening ceremony before being sidetracked by the innumerable shots of ridiculously hot women getting into the party atmosphere by frolicking around dancing.

It suddenly dawned on us, if the world’s greatest (and richest) footballers are all in Brazil, then chances are their wives and girlfriends are too. So we did some digging, and in our eyes these are the hottest wives and girlfriends at this year’s World Cup.

Ludivine Kadri Sagna

It’s clear from the way he tears up and down the wing that French full back Bacary Sagna has an engine on him. We imagine that he used said engine to chase down the delightful Ms. Kadri, making her his wife. She’s a keen social media fan, which means that following her on Twitter is likely to be as close as we get. 

Lena Gercke

The other (better) half of German midfielder Sami Khadira, Lena is no stranger in her home country of Germany where she is a top model and a TV personality. Although, unlike some women in the list she’s smart as well as incredibly sexy, with a marketing degree in her back pocket.

Michela Quattrociocche

There are rumours that Italian playmaker Alberto Aquilani would not even be on the plane to Brazil, but for an unfortunate leg break to his teammate Ricardo Montolivo. But every cloud has its silver lining, and this one comes in the shape Signore Aquilani’s lovely wife Michela. We must remember to thank Montolivo for that. 

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau

Model, designer, TV host and outspoken charity runner (pictured right). Oh, and also wife to the diminutive Dutch winger Wesley Sneijder. The stunning Spanish/Dutch actress runs the ‘Free A Girl’ foundation which aims to rescue girls from prostitution and help victims of human trafficking. We approve.

Irina Shayk

It is enshrined in ancient law that the world’s best footballer will date a Victoria Secret model. If you don’t believe us, then just ask Cristiano Ronaldo. Ms. Shayk is a Russian supermodel who has walked the runways for some of the world’s biggest brands and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, twice. Although, her biggest challenge is probably to fight with Ronaldo for control over the bathroom mirror.

Fanny Neguesha

We believe congratulations are in order for the beautiful Italian-American TV presenter, on the eve of the World Cup she said ‘yes’ to a kneeling Mario Balotelli. Yes, you read that right, the fire-cracker lighting prankster has landed himself exactly that, another firecracker.

Polly Parsons

Premier League footballer dates British glamour model – it’s a love story as old as time itself. This particular tale centres around Belgian and Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen and the lovely Ms Polly Parsons. Although, the question on everyone’s (read: nobody’s) mind is, just who will Polly pick should Belgium play against her beloved En-ger-land?

Melissa Satta

The faux-hawked, tattoo-ed up Kevin-Prince Boateng isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t help but admit that the man has a better eye for the ladies than he does for hairstylists. The talented Italian-American TV presenter Melissa Satta recently gave birth to their first child.

 Natalia Velez

It is a cruel world. Not only has injury robbed the World Cup from the attacking brilliance of Colombia’s Falcao, but it has also deprived us from ogling his far-from-shy other half. We repeat: it is a cruel, cruel world.