Gisele Bundchen shows her tough side

The supermodel responds to Twitter criticism with this brutal video.

EDGAR staff September 7, 2014

Maybe we're biased after naming her our Woman of the Week a few weeks ago, but we find it incredible that anyone would find a reason to criticise Gisele Bundchen. But after she linked up with sports clothing brand Under Armour for its #IWillWhatIWant campaign, which celebrates strong female athletes, she came under fire on Twitter from users who claimed she wasn't an appropriate ambassador for the brand.

Tweets such as "Gisele is just a model", "She's nothing special at all" and "Is modeling now a sport?" were sent by various users of the social network, and the whole affair could have ended up being a public relations nightmare for the brand and the model.

However, rather than go into their shells, Under Armour and Gisele came out fighting - literally - releasing this video of the Brazilian star showing that there's much more to her than meets the eye.


o go alongside the video, a special interactive webpage featuring several impressive clips in which Bundchen proves her strength has also been created. We reckon that should just about silence the doubters. Good on you, Gisele! 1 Details: visit