Woman of the Week: Irina Shayk

Girlfriend to Cristiano Ronaldo by day, wife to demi-God Hercules by night.

EDGAR staff July 7, 2014

We feel like we've been waiting a long time for a legitimately good reason to feature Irina Shayk as our Woman of the Week.

Sure she's girlfriend to the world's best footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo (did you read our feature on him?) but it would have been selling her short to suggest that was enough to take the coveted WOW spot.

So we're happy to see she's embarked on an acting career with her first serious role as co-star in the upcoming Hercules film due out later this year.

She plays Megara, oldest daughter of Creon the King of Thebes, and more suitably Hercules' wife, so Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and her probably got to know each other pretty well. Easy Ronaldo, don't get jealous - you're still everyone's favourite pretty boy.

Judging from the stunning images below, we think Shayk should be able to pull off the Greek mythology attire - whimsy fabrics and leather tassels.


shayk2 shayk6