Woman of the week: Mila Kunis

The American actress is the star of an upcoming Hollywood blockbuster and ready to give birth to her first child any moment.

EDGAR staff September 29, 2014

As soon as we'd seen the brand new Jupiter Ascending trailer, our minds were made up that the only winner of this week's Woman of the Week could be Mila Kunis.

The American actress is set to be the star turn in the upcoming sci-fi epic, and to top it all, she's expecting the birth of her first child with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher any day now.

One thing we like about the 31-year-old is that she isn't one of those Hollywood stars who was born into an acting family and had her career given to her on a silver platter. In fact, she was actually born in the Soviet Union, before she moved to Los Angeles at the age of seven with her parents. Once there, she was spotted by an agent after enrolling in after-school acting classes.

Although her beauty might be the first thing many people will notice her for, she's become famous for the down-to-earth style she brings to her characters, and nowhere is this more evident than in her longest-running performance to date, as the voice of Meg in the TV series Family Guy.

So, a beautiful woman with supreme acting talent and even a baby on the way - how could there be anyone more deserving? Here's to you, Mila. 1 3 6 5