Woman of the week: Riyo Mori

The former Miss Universe turns 28 today. Happy birthday, Riyo.

EDGAR staff December 24, 2014

Last week, in celebration of the new Miss World, South African Rolene Strauss, we brought you beautiful photos of every single Miss World winner from the past 22 years - the age of the stunning Miss Strauss.

While researching the topic (we know, it's a tough job butsomebody has to do it!), we came across another beauty pageant that's been running for almost as long as Miss World: Miss Universe.

After being founded by California clothing company Pacific Mills in 1952, Miss Universe was acquired by Donald Trump in 1996 and now represents one of the Big Four of beauty pageants, alongside Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

And it just so happens that today, December 24th, is the birthday of one of the previous winners. Aged just 21 when she won the title in 2007, Riyo Mori turns 28 today.

A talented dancer, model and TV personality, we reckon that Japanese beauty Mori is easily one of the most stunning winners ever. Happy birthday,

Riyo. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori. Riyo Mori.