Cara Delevingne: TAG Heuer's new It Girl

We celebrate the stunning supermodel’s new deal with a gallery of her most beautiful shots to date.

EDGAR staff February 2, 2015

When we heard that one of our favourite supermodels has signed with one of our favourite watch brands, there could be no other choice but to award Cara Delevingne our Woman of the Week title.

Famed for her rebellious nature as well her outstanding beauty, the 22-year-old Brit recently linked up with TAG Heuer as a brand ambassador, bagging herself a gorgeous Formula One Steel and White Ceramic Chronograph set with glittering diamonds as part of the deal! Lucky girl.

Cara Delevingne

At last week's rather bizarre yet still entertaining unveiling in Paris, Delevingne strutted her stuff down the 'cat-walk' (sorry), as a full-grown lion watched on. She then went on to pick up and feed a baby lion (you can watch her grapple with with boisterous cub in the video at the top of the page). Before the animal rights protesters write in, TAG assured us that no animals were hurt and the utmost care was taken to ensure the lions' comfort and safety throughout.

Although the wild animals may have been a slight distraction to the show, ultimately nothing could outshine Delevingne. We love her chilled-out attitude and complete irreverence for the conventions of fashion and beauty. Sure, she's not afraid of a bit of advertising or product work every now and again, but it's the laid-back almost rock-star-equse style in which she carries it off that impresses us most. Oh, and she's absolutely stunning to boot. Cara Delevingne Cara DelevingneCara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Cara Delevingne Details: visit