Jennifer Aniston stars in new Emirates advert

Watch the American sweetheart get to work as an ambassador for the Dubai airline.

October 5, 2015

Emirates Airlines has released its anticipated promotional video featuring its newest ambassador Jennifer Aniston.

After teasing two still images from the advert on the airline’s Twitter account yesterday, the full one minute-long commercial has now been aired. 

The video is the first bout of publicity the American sweetheart has undertaken in her new role as the airline’s ambassador since her appointment in August, a not so subtle move by the Dubai airline to appeal to its growing market of U.S. passengers.  

You don’t need us to describe the video to you, simply watch it above. But what plays out is a clever scenario, prodding a stick at airlines that don’t have luxuries such as shower facilities or a walk-up bar on board their aircrafts. 

The advert was spearheaded by director Bryan Buckley, a man renown for his successful Super Bowls adverts - one of TV’s most expensive commercial slots. 

It has been reported that the famous actress, most notable of course for her 10-year long character Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends, was paid $5 million (AED 18.3m) for the TV and online campaign.  

Boutros Boutros, Emirates’ divisional SVP for corporate communications, said: “In a departure from the usual airline industry ads, we chose to take a humorous approach to showcase the amazing products we offer on board. We couldn’t think of anyone better suited for the role than Jennifer Aniston and we wrote the script with her in mind.  

“Her professionalism and comedic talent shone on the set and we are very pleased with the outcome."