Woman of the Week: Jessica Alba

The smoking hot actress and model is now also the proud CEO of a $1 billion company.

EDGAR staff May 31, 2015

Some people just have it all, don’t they? Take Jessica Alba, for instance: Not only is she a drop-dead gorgeous famous actor and model, but she is also the CEO of a company worth a billion dollars, and has a personal fortune of a whopping $200 million. Not bad for a woman who only turned 34 last month…

She is so successful, in fact, that her personal $200 million wealth has seen her named Forbes’ ‘Richest Self-Made Woman in America’.

While her business selling eco-friendly nappies isn’t usually the type of thing we’d be overly interested in, any company that can grow to be worth $1 billion in just four years like hers is worth paying attention to.

And so in a week where she has been showered with praise and had honour after honour bestowed upon her, it is our pleasure to announce her most important honour yet: The EDGARdaily Woman of the Week.

Congrats Jessica!