Can you keep your eyes on Gigi?

BMW roped in the gorgeous model to launch the new M2 Coupé.

April 20, 2016

It’s a stupid question really. Of course you can. It’s impossible NOT to keep your eyes on Gigi Hadid. 

Even if she were squeezing lemon juice into your corneas while wearing a Medusa mask, you would still keep your gaze locked.

But when she’s in one of five identical cars that, through stunt driving and clever videography, become near impossible to identify, well then actually, you may struggle.

This video and digital marketing campaign by BMW is to launch their new M2 Coupé, obviously. But all it’s really doing is reminding us how much we appreciate Gigi. Although the car does look pretty good too in fairness. 

So which M2 is she in? Follow this link to see if you guessed correctly.

We'll help you get started. Here's car number one: