How to buy her the perfect lingerie

Expert advice from Passionata on the toughest challenge a man will ever face.

February 9, 2016

The least favourite day in many a man's calendar is almost upon us once again.

But no matter if you think that Valentine's Day's is nothing but a commercially led assault on your bank account, you still have to do the required present buying. 

Valentine's gifts fall into three categories: something sparkly, something sweet and something sexy. To put that another way: diamonds, chocolates and lingerie. Buying the first two should be pretty simple, or at least it should be compared to buying the latter. 

However, getting her some sexy underwear does show that you've made an effort, because after all, what man can possibly enjoy battling his way through a sea of bras and knickers? It is undeniable though that shopping for lingerie can be slightly daunting, which is why we asked Marie Quiles from French lingerie brand Passionata for some tips. 

Do your research
Before making any purchase (in a lingerie store or online), it’s best that you have an idea of what she wears - the styles she prefers, and especially the size. So, take a peek into her lingerie drawer.

Most women have a range of lingerie styles for different occasions: T-shirt bras, strapless bras, non-padded bras, push-up bras, thongs, bikinis and boycut-style panties, etc. It can be overwhelming, so focus! Make sure to note down the size you see on the labels, as well as her favourite brands and styles. 

Get help
Most men find it embarrassing to wander off aimlessly amongst racks of bras and undies, but you don’t need to. As soon as you reach the department store, ask for help from a sales assistant.

Since you’ve done your research, you can start telling her what you are looking for – details such as the style, the size, the brands - so she can help you narrow down the selection. 

Think like her
Remember, you are buying lingerie for HER. Think about what you saw in her lingerie drawer, and just ask yourself: Will she wear actually wear this? Of course, you’re not going to buy her something purely functional, like a sports or nude cotton bra (that would be like buying someone a can-opener as a house gift: useful – yes; appealing – no), but you also don't want to dress her up in something so raunchy she doesn't feel comfortable wearing it.

You can go bold with your choices of colour, material and shape, just do your best to pick the pieces that channel her own style. Good luck! 

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