Woman of the Week: Kristen Stewart

The face of Chanel and the only American woman to win a Cesar; there's far more to Kristen Stewart than just Twilight.

May 24, 2016

When you think of Kristen Stewart, you think of Twilight, probably. And that’s fair enough. 

As the star of the $3.3 billion film franchise, The Twilight Saga catapulted the American actress into the elite corridors of Hollywood, her name forever attached to Stephenie Meyer's books. 

But delve a little deeper into Stewart’s back catalogue, and it’s clear how hard she worked before, during and since her Twilight years. Between each of the five vampire flicks for instance, she completed an independent film each time.

None of this will be news however to her French fans because in France, Stewart is adored. It probably has something to do with being the only American actress to win a Cesar, France’s equivalent of an Oscar, for her role in Clouds of Sils Maria last year, a film by French director Olivier Assayas. 

The appreciation is mutual. Speaking to Reuters last week, Stewart opened up about her affinity with France’s film culture: “What is really obvious and apparent is the difference between why people make movies in France and why people make movies in the States. I like the fact that people aren't dying to make a bunch of money and win a popularity contest, they're actually just desirous of telling stories - so I feel at home here [France]." 

Last week’s Cannes Film Festival saw Stewart team up with Assayas once more, this time in the spiritual Personal Shopper (below), which received both online praise and verbal boos as the credits rolled.

But it wasn’t her only film at Cannes this year. She also starred in Woody Allen’s festival opening Café Society, alongside Jesse Eisenberg, who she worked with in 2009’s Adventureland

Stewart’s success started at a young age. After a few minor, uncredited roles her breakthrough came in the 2002 thriller Panic Room, aged 12, alongside Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker, which earned her a nomination for a Young Artist Award. A year later she picked up the same nomination again, this time for her work in thriller Cold Creek Manor, alongside Sharon Stone.

From there she went on to feature in no fewer than 12 films before the Twilight phone call, and has since made at least 15 films not including the Twilight five. 

Still only 26 years old, Stewart has certainly not rested on her laurels or her bank account after finishing her turn in Twilight. She won the BAFTA Rising Star Award in 2010 for her role in Welcome to the Rileys, and has also become the face of high-end fashion brand Chanel (images below) - another nod to her French appeal.

A hardworking, award-winning, beautiful actress who featured in two films at Cannes last week? That more than qualifies for our Woman of the Week.