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10 common mistakes men make when buying a suit

Words by Nathan Irvine

Stop doing these things and grab your perfect suit.

Buying a suit can be one of the most stressful shopping experiences imaginable. The pressure to find the perfect match is immense and can make or break a day out or possibly the week ahead if you purchase something that bad.

Frequently, men end up coming away with a suit that either makes them look like they’re a child in oversized, adult clothing or have been accidentally overpoured into an outfit that’s fit to burst. In short, it’s a minefield.

But fear not, as help is at hand.

We enlisted the help of Kachins Couture – the bespoke tailor who has been kitting out dapper gents across the UAE for four decades.

What they don’t know about suits, isn’t worth knowing. So just avoid these common mistakes men make when buying a suit for a stress-free experience.



Forgetting to budget

pictures of notes from diffrent currencies around the world.

Decide before you go what you’re willing to spend and don’t be afraid to talk money with the tailor from the start. If they know what you’re willing and able to spend from the beginning, they can ensure you are provided with the very best for your money. If you’re not upfront on what you can pay then the tailor will end up wasting both your and their time with unaffordable options.


Not knowing why the suit is needed

Man scratching his head in a puzzled manner.

Before you visit the tailor, think about what and when you’ll be wearing your suit. Do you need something more relaxed or super-smart? Is the suit to match a colour theme? The more prepared you are, the faster and easier the tailor can help you.


Deciding on the wrong fabric

Multiple suit fabrics lying on top of each other.

There are hundreds of different textures, materials and weaves to choose from. Take time, touch and feel the fabric and discuss with the tailor what would suit you the best. Pay attention to build quality, the jacket lining is as important as the shell and is a main contributing factor to the quality of the suit, its longevity and its overall fit.


Failing to communicate with the tailor

Picture of customer and tailor making measurements for bespoke suit.

Don’t like a colour? Tell the tailor. Don’t like a certain fit? Tell the tailor. They’re there to work with you, not against you. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you want, but do listen to their opinions, they’re the experts and know what’ll suit your body type the most.


Picking risky colours

Man wearing suit jacket in harlequin style.

Remember, simplicity is key, especially with a suit, so don’t get overwhelmed and try and do too much. If it’s your first suit, opt for classic colours such as black, grey or navy blue that’ll work for most occasions.


Leaving the jacket sleeves untailored

Close-up of suit jacket sleeve with shirt creeping out from underneath it.

Your jacket should end 1/2 inch above your shirt sleeve and the jacket should be tailored around the bicep and the torso. If a jacket is too big, it can make the wearer appear heavier and like they’re wearing their dad’s suit.


Choosing shirts that are too big

Picture of shirt collar fastened to mannequin.

When it comes to the collar, follow the one-finger rule – if you can fit more than one finger between the collar and your neck, it’s too big.


Going for trousers that are ill-fitting

Man wearing baggy trousers walking down a street.

Mind the break – the break, that is, in the fabric that occurs when the bottom of your trousers skims the tops of your shoes, creating a horizontal crease in the fabric. Most men should aim for a “medium” break – not too rumpled, and not too short around the ankles.


Pairing a suit with low grade accessories

Dirty black dress shoes that have mud on them.

You can buy the finest suit in the world, but the wrong pairing with shirt and shoes can ruin the whole look. Think about what you’re going to pair it with and your personal grooming. Don’t ruin an otherwise dapper look with a poor-quality shirt or dirty shoes.


Disregarding the finishing touches

Close up of a pocket square in a suit jacket.

You’ve got to master the basics first, which means a solid-fitting suit and a shirt to match in a foolproof color combo. Take some time to try out different pocket square, shirt and tie combinations to ensure you always look the best you possibly can.

For your perfect bespoke suit contact the Kachins team at +9714 355 7044 or email them at info@kachinsdubai.com

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