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5 Things: The Bose Sleepbuds

Words by EDGARDaily

Getting to sleep in Dubai is tricky – construction work, Ferrari engine growls, beeping car horns and the universal problem of snoring partners. Bose has designed new Sleepbuds that sit in the ear and mask unwelcome sound. EDGAR tried the Bose Sleepbuds and here's what we think.


Soft and comfortable, the Sleepbuds are the size of a shirt button and, at 1.4g, weigh next to nothing. We popped them in our ears and were able to lie with our ear on a pillow comfortably.

After downloading the Bose Sleep app, the user selects from 10 tracks such as a crackling campfire, a babbling stream, plane cabin hum, static or lapping waves to stream into the buds and block exterior sounds.

bose sleepbuds


You can adjust the volume of the noise playing through the wireless buds so you can still hear your baby crying for example. Choose one of seven alarm sounds to stir you from your slumber.

Worried about what the Bluetooth is doing to your brain? Don’t be. Chief engineer Daniel Lee tells EDGAR a whole night wearing the buds exposes the user to less radiation than a 30-minute phone call made using a Bluetooth headset.

An astonishing 60 per cent of people around the world report sleep problems. We don’t wish to freak you out but the World Health Organisation says “disturbed sleep is associated with a number of adverse impacts on health.” If you’re the type of person who can sleep without being bothered by white noise, then these buds are a game changer.

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