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Christmas8 Christmas Jumpers That Keep It Stylish

Words by EDGAR Daily

The EDGAR selection of 8 Crimbo jumpers that maintain some semblance of style for this festive season, from Gucci to M&S.

‘Tis the season to wear gaudy tack that overheats your body temperature and ceaselessly itches your skin.

At least that’s how the majority of unironically outrageous Christmas jumpers that grannies across the globe used to spend six months of the year knitting so that you, the respectful grandson, would wear and suffer through for no better reason than your undying love for Knitting Nanna.

Just before we get to the jumpers from 2018, here’s a little reminder of what those jumpers were like, courtesy of the late Mr. Michael and Wham!

Thirty or so years on from Wham!’s time in those snowy heights, today, thankfully, there are options. Stylish options, with soft skin-caring fabrics that have made Granny’s knitting a charming but obsolete endeavour. So much so that the obligatory Christmas jumper has become a tradition in itself. Is it even Christmas if you don’t have a glowing Santa swaddled round your midriff or a snowman’s carrot nose sticking out of your chest?

Either way, today there are Christmas jumpers. And then there are oh-god-no-Christmas jumpers.

So to help you find your way around the thousands of jumpers on internet and in retail outlets easier than the fat man in the red coat navigates the South Pole, we’ve put together a list of the more desirable Christmas sweaters that won’t have you looking like a half-cooked turkey wrapped seductively in dad’s apron.

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