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The mesmerising evolution of Brad Pitt’s hair

Words by Rob Chilton

We chart the highs and lows (so many lows) of the actor's hairstyles

It was often said that James Brown was “the hardest working man in show business.” Well, no disrespect to Mr Brown, but we have someone else in mind who might challenge him for that title. Someone who has grafted tirelessly for more than two decades in the white heat of the Hollywood spotlight. We are, of course, talking about Brad Pitt’s hairdresser.

Pitt has had a mind-boggling number of hairstyles since he blasted into the A-list as a cowboy in 1991’s Thelma & Louise. Crops, chops, highlights, buzzcuts, curtains – Pitt has rifled through every page of the giant book of men’s hairstyles and tried them all with varying levels of success. Occasionally, he’s set the trend for men to follow. Other times, he’s had a nightmare. Thankfully, he’s never tried a perm.

Today, almost 30 years after his movie debut and riding high on rave reviews for Quentin Tarantino’s latest flick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Leo DiCaprio, Pitt continues to set the tonsorial agenda.

So sit back and flick through a strangely mesmerising lookbook of Pitt’s changing hair over the years and witness the evolution of a movie icon.



Brad Pitt red carpet.


And here he is in 2019 – in a tuxedo at 55 years old and looking better than ever on the red carpet to promote Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Next up for Pitt is science-fiction drama Ad Astra, coming in September. Hats off to you, Mr Pitt.


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