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GroomingGet the Lowdown on Acqua di Parma

Words by Rob Chilton

All you need to know about the classic Italian brand


When Did It Start?

Way back in 1916 when an Italian nobleman Carlo Magnani, who was living in gloomy, foggy London, created the Colonia fragrance to remind him of Italian sunshine.

How did Colonia Take Off?

Magnani gave the fragrance to tailors who dabbed it on suits belonging to their gentlemen clients and word spread.

How Has Colonia Changed?

There are several varieties of Colonia (Pura, Assoluta, Intensa Essenza etc) but the original recipe has not changed since 1916.


Why the Yellow Packaging?

Magnani chose the colour because it was the colour of his house in Parma. Yellow is a typical colour of palazzi in Portofino, Liguria, Tuscany and Parma.

What’s New with Acqua di Parma?

A hidden barber shop in its new boutique inside The Dubai Mall’s Perfumery & Co department.


What Treatments are Available?

Haircuts (AED 115), beard grooming (AED 130 for 30 mins), plus a Barbiere Service offering an Express Shave (AED 155 for 20 mins), a Prestige Shave (AED 250 for 50 mins) or a traditional Italian shave (AED 130 for 30 mins).

Sounds Splendid – Grazie!


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