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Apple AirPods 2: Are they worth buying?

Words by Nathan Irvine

Just a fashion accessory or an audiophile's dream? EDGAR finds out.

We’ll be honest, we weren’t blown away by the original AirPods. Back then they just looked like standard Apple earphones with the wire clipped off. A cliché, sure, but one that’s incredibly apt.

Fast forward two years, and we’re sort of in awe of where AirPods are now. It took a little while, but soon everyone was wearing them. Celebrities, footballers and even the man in the immaculately cut power suit had them dangling from their ears. A phenomenon was born.

So we were intrigued to see whether the AirPods 2 could build on this success.

Lady wearing mustard coloured sweatshirt sat on chair with one Apple AirPod 2 in her ear, Apple Watch on her wrist and holding and iPhone.


Apple Complete the look with the Apple AirPods 2.

Bring the noise

Firstly, the AirPods 2 are more than just a fashion statement. We didn’t expect to be bowled over by the sound quality quite so easily, but the fidelity is on a par, if not better, than Apple’s more expensive rivals.

They’re a step up in quality than the original AirPods. Bass-filled tracks bounce along with gusto and podcasts/audiobooks come across with clarity. They’re not quite noise-cancelling.

We can still hear the grunts and clatter of dropped iron at the gym despite turning AC/DC up to eleven. They do have an impressive soundstage nonetheless.

If you’ve never tried to wear AirPods before, it can feel a little odd at first. They’re so light, you can sometime forget you have them in. You only realise when the metal tipped antennae occasionally tap that area of your neck just under your earlobe. It catches us off guard every time.


Apple AirPods 2 syncing with iPhone X via Siri


Apple Setup is as easy as opening the case up next to your iPhone.

Game changer

The biggest difference between the originals and the AirPods 2 is the wireless charging case. Charge the case, pop the devices inside and you can charge them as you walk about town. This isn’t just a significant advantage over its predecessor, it’s also the reason these AirPods have replaced all our other earphones and headsets.

They come everywhere with us now. Gym, dog walks or that necessary, but dull trip to do our grocery shopping. Even that monotonous ride in a cab to work has become more bearable thanks to the AirPods 2.

There’s no avoiding the fact that wearing AirPods – last gen ones, or this – comes with an air of pretentiousness. Don’t worry, it happened with the original iPhone and iPod and will wear off eventually. But if you’re a touch self-conscious you might not want to wear them outside a lot, which is totally missing the point.

But in terms of earphones, AirPods 2 set a new benchmark for quality and convenience. They’re a fashion accessory, sure, but rest assured they deliver on the sound quality side of things too.

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