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Tech and Gaming

TechApple Arcade Launches in 2019

Words by Nathan Irvine

The world's first gaming subscription service for mobile, tablet and desktop is on the way.

Alongside the announcement of Apple TV+ at Apple’s big March 25 showcase, it also introduced us to a world first. Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service that works across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

It’s a clever move from Apple as it solves a massive problem for game developers. Paid for titles have long struggled against the popularity of *free games on the App Store.

With a subscription option in place that gives access to hundreds of highly polished games, the playing field is far more level.

Tough gig

As the above video attests, Apple Arcade appears to be a blessing for developers.

We often forget that behind these games lie teams of people who’s whole livelihood depends on their ideas seeing the light of day, and Apple is set to nurture this creativity by the end of 2019.


Over 100 new and exclusive games will be available on Apple Arcade from day one. The game we’re most interested in is Beyond a Steel Sky.

It’s a sequel to the beloved Beneath a Steel Sky (1994) and comes packing pedigree with legendary developer Charles Cecil at the wheel.


Apple Arcade launches on the App Store Fall 2019.

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