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Aston Martin DB11 V12 Review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Have Aston Martin taken a step up from the DB9 or does this new DB11 backfire? EDGAR finds out.

“Try not to take it over 120kmh, please.” The words of the Aston Martin rep are ringing through my ears as I slowly try to make my way through the backstreets of Al Quoz. There are so many twists and turns around that area that it’s relatively easy to keep the DB11 V12 reined in.

But as soon as there’s a straight stretch of road, Aston Martin’s turbocharged behemoth seems determined to get me in trouble.

You see, just a feather-touch on the accelerator from my size 9 and the 600 horses propelling the DB11 want to fly. It’d be rude not to give them the chance, right? More on this later.


Aston Martin DB11 V12 in orange racing down a road.


Aston Martin The DB11 comes in a number of colours.



5.2-litre, Twin-Turbo V12


600bhp at 6,500rpm


700Nm at 1,500-5,000rpm


8-speed automatic

0-100 KMH

3.9 seconds




From AED 945,000


As you’d expect from the Aston Martin, the cockpit is immaculate. From the stitching of the bold Chancellor Red leather to the ever-so-soft feel of the steering wheel, the DB11 is the epitome of luxury.

Futuristic touches bring the legendary brand into the 21st century. Neat flourishes like the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay speakers rearing up from the dash when the engine starts are great. So too is the touchpad that enables you to flick through media or find a location through the sat-nav with ease.

There’s even a wi-fi hub in the car to help cut the costs of your phone bill. Then again, if you’ve got the cash for a DB11, that’s likely the least of your concerns.

As seems to be standard on most high-end vehicles right now, the ventilated seats that blow cold air directly onto your back and nether regions, is welcome. Especially in the summer heat here in Dubai.

Speaking of seats – the DB11 has two seats in the back. However, unless you’re prepared to slide your chair forward and drive with your nose on the windshield, it’s unlikely you’ll squeeze anyone back there. Still, this is a sports car we’re talking about, not a family SUV.


You just can’t fault the look of the Aston Martin DB11. It’s a little wider and heavier than its DB9 predecessor, but it’s still a beauty.

It looks angry. Although every effort has made to create a curvaceous vehicle, there are harsh lines all over the DB11 that let you know it means business.

The signature wide grille, almost like a basking shark’s mouth, adds to the aggressive aesthetic. And, you know, we actually love it as it fits perfectly with the grunt that’s under the hood.


As I said earlier, the DB11 seems desperate to hit warp speed. It was crying out for a track test, to really open it up, but alas this wasn’t pencilled in for our time with it.

There are three driving modes: GT, Sport and Sport+. On your day-to-day you’ll be in GT and although it’s quieter than the other options, it still wants to make things look blurry as you hurtle down the open road.

Sport is another level altogether. Our first introduction to the mode noticeably stiffened the ride as it primed itself for action. This obviously made my heart flutter in anticipation of the type of acceleration I had at my feet.

Within a few seconds you’re thrust backwards into a loving embrace from the racing seats. Cars that were in the distance quickly become spots in your rear-view as the ding of the ‘overspeed’ monitor pings again. And again. And, well you get the picture.

And then there’s Sport+.

Basically, if you’re not on the track, just forget this mode. It might as well be called “speeding ticket” mode. I’ve absolutely no doubt it’d be fun on a race course, but it’s completely impractical where road rules apply.

Aston Martin DB11 V12 review


Aston Martin Beauty personified.


Although the Aston Martin DB11 has downsized from the DB9’s seriously fun 6.0l engine to a 5.2l number, it improves on the overall drive.

It sets a new standard for GTs on so many levels. Whether it’s the detailed interiors, with it’s near endless personalisation options, or the futuristic body that carves through the winds with ease, Aston Martin has changed the game.

Sure, a DB11 isn’t the cheapest of vehicles. But in terms of delivering an almost euphoric driving experience in a car that looks as great as it sounds, you won’t find a more complete package.

Just be warned, it’s happiest when it’s going over 120kmh. And that’s something you will really want to do.

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