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Aston Martin’s fastest convertible has been unveiled

Words by Nathan Irvine

The DBS Superleggera Volante can hit an eye-blistering 211mph.

When Aston Martin build a new vehicle, it demands our attention. When it confirms that said car is set to be the “fastest convertible in the company’s history” we’re immediately white hot for a glimpse of it.

The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante is the luxurious car in question. And, well, it looks fantastic.

Road runner

The flagship Super GT is only the second vehicle from the Aston Martin to wear the prestigious Volante name.

Its numbers speak volumes. 715bhp is generated from the 5.2-litre V12, which hurtles 0-60mph in an almost unbelievable 3.6 seconds. It can reach 100mph in 6.7 seconds flat. So yes, the DBS Superleggera Volante is fast.

On the outside, it looks suitable impressive. Every line and curve has been created purposely for a class-leading aerodynamics. Even the car’s splitter and airdam have been tweaked to increase downforce and overall speed.

Oh, and don’t worry about that cloth top perishing under the harsh Middle Eastern summer sun. It has been stress tested in extreme conditions from the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic to the searing heat of Death Valley, USA.

But when is it coming to the UAE, we hear you ask? Well, 2019 Q4 is what we’ve been advised by Aston Martin. That’s plenty of time to save up the £247,500 (approx AED 1,176,000).

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