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Tech and Gaming

The Avengers are coming back to Fortnite

Words by Nathan Irvine

Avengers assemble!

To coincide with the release of Avengers: Endgame the Marvel universe will once again grace the biggest game on the planet, Fortnite. Developer Epic Games teased an image and April 25 release date Рthe day before the global release of the last movie Рbut very little else.

One thing we can take from the above image is that there will be a Captain America skin for your character in there. And with a stretch of the imagination, the limited time mode just might revolve around Cap’s signature shield.

World ender

It’s been a year since the Avengers last graced Fortnite with its presence. Back then the action was based around the planet destroying Thanos where players would search the map for the Infinity Gauntlet. If you found it, you’d turn into the purple villain and become nigh-on invincible.

Could we be about to be searching for Steve Rogers’ mighty shield? We’ll find out this Thursday before we say a tearful goodbye to our heroes in the cinema.

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