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Football Legend Launches New Nike Boot

Words by Gareth Kurt Warren

Barcelona football legend Patrick Kluivert spoke about the Art of finishing, at Nike Dubai in The Dubai Mall, in celebration of the launch of Nike’s latest football innovation, Nike Phantom VNM.

Kluivert spoke with fans in detail about his career defining moments including his debut in football and his top goals at the World Cup and Champions League.

Diving deep into the psychology of finishing, Kluivert said, “You can point out any big striker in the world, past or present, they have also their off days and that’s a very important thing, how do you come back. It’s definitely psychological.”


Commenting on the future of football, Kluivert’s offers his outlook on how to master the strike zone and help aspiring players stay focused:

“As a striker it’s itching, it’s irritating, and the harder you try the smaller the goal becomes. If you let yourself become affected, it’ll only make it worse.”

He continues, “Don’t think about it and navigate that energy towards training, towards staying calm during the game and not getting frustrated. You need to have that mental strength to stay calm.”



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