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Build your very own supercar showroom

Words by Nathan Irvine

Next level garages.

What do you buy someone who has everything? It’s a question that’s often pondered, but never quite answered… until now. So long as said person has a car that they simply can’t stop staring at, the Supercar Capsule company has the solution.

These bespoke units are custom-made by ASZarchitetti and Superfuturedesign* to the owner’s desire. From lighting effects, colour schemes, placement and more, these capsules are the perfect way to show-off a vehicle. Though, it might be slightly extravagant to house your battered Toyota Yaris.


Supplied It's like a scene straight out of a video game.

High society

Supercar Capsule is the result of a perceived gap in the market. The UAE and Saudi Arabia has a high number of supercars, but they’re usually tucked away in a dingy garage. But not anymore. And if you’ve got the cash, you can even build a viewing platform for your car – complete with glass window -in your home.

Brilliantly, Supercar Capsule handle the entire process – from conception to delivery. So there’s no need to worry about any delays or problems.

For more information visit Supercar Capsule.


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