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Champions League Quarter-Final Predictions

Words by Edgar Daily

Like Paul the Octopus, Team EDGAR’s Rob Chilton and Nathan Irvine attempt to predict what will happen in the upcoming Champions League quarter finals.

The shocks. The drama. The infinity war between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s all here…

Champions League Trophy


UEFA The Champions League trophy

Who’s going through to the semi-finals?

Rob Chilton: Man City, Barcelona, Ajax and Liverpool.

Nathan Irvine: Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, Juventus and Liverpool.

Where will the potential shocks be?

RC: The young guns of Ajax knocking out the creaking Old Lady, Juventus.

NI: Spurs putting Man City to the sword thanks to heroics from Harry Kane.

Which player is most crucial to his team’s success this round?

RC: Spurs need Harry Kane to unlock the Man City defence. But even then, it won’t be enough to send them through.

NI: Cristiano Ronaldo will have to be on top form from the off to help edge Juventus past the young upstarts of Ajax.

What game are you most looking forward to?

RC: Manchester United v. Barcelona. Two giant clubs, two amazing stadiums, Messi, Pogba and Solskjaer at the Nou Camp bringing back memories of 1999 – what more do you want?

NI: Ajax v Juventus. The hipster’s choice, sure, but the way the Dutch undid Real Madrid on their own patch means you can’t rule out a repeat performance.

What game are you least looking forward to?

RC: Liverpool will probably breeze past Porto without much drama.

NI: Same. Mane, Salah and van Dijk will be too much for the Portuguese.

Who will have the greatest impact in the quarter finals: Ronaldo or Messi?

RC: Messi must be desperate for a fifth Champions League to draw level with Ronaldo. No doubt he’ll be super-focussed for this round.

NI: If the last round is any indicator, then Ronaldo will win this battle. His goalscoring heroics were key in getting Juve to the quarter finals, and will need to be again.

Who has the easiest path to the semi finals?

RC: Liverpool. Jürgen Klopp must have had an even bigger smile than usual when the Reds were drawn against FC Porto.

NI: Barcelona. Messi is going to have that flaky United defence chasing shadows across both legs.

Who has the hardest path?

RC: Spurs. Man City cannot stop scoring, Agüero is on fire, their defence is solid and Spurs look tired.

NI: Manchester United. See above.

Which English teams will make it through?

RC: Man City and Liverpool. United will get comfortably beaten by Barcelona.

NI: Spurs and Liverpool. Though I don’t expect either to progress to the final.

What’s your dream final?

RC: Tough one. The romantic side of me wants Ajax v. Liverpool. But Man City vs Barcelona could be an epic goal feast.

NI: Juventus and Barcelona. Ronaldo and Messi pitted against each other once more. But to be honest, as a Manchester United fan, any final that doesn’t involve Liverpool or Manchester City will be my dream.

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