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Chopard’s new men’s fragrances contain a very special ingredient

Words by Rob Chilton

The world’s most precious oud is found in four new elite scents.

Not all fragrances come from a test tube in a cold and clinical lab. Some, such as the new range of men’s scents from Chopard originate in beautiful forests in the foothills of the Himalayas.

The Jalali Agarwood plantation in Bangladesh


The Jalali Agarwood plantation in Bangladesh

The quartet, grandly titled Gardens of the Kings, contains the world’s most precious oud – Oud Assafi – a resin that is ethically and sustainably sourced from a very rare species of Asian tropical tree grown on the Jalali family plantations in Bangladesh.

The Jalali Agarwood plantation in Bangladesh.


The resin can take 50 years to ripen

The resin takes around 40-50 years to ripen and is renowned for being complex with notes of smoke, wood, leather, tobacco, vanilla and honey.

Nuit des Rois from Chopard


Nuit des Rois is inspired by the Middle East

Master perfumer (and very snappy dresser) Alberto Morillas has taken this premium oud to make four men’s fragrances inspired by India, China, the Middle East and South America, details of which can be found below.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas.


Master perfumer Alberto Morillas

Agar Royal

Inspired by: the ceremonial dress of a Mughal emperor.

Notes: Jasmine, tuberose and sandalwood.

Aigle Impérial

Inspired by: imperial gardens of the Far East.

Notes: mandarin, lemon, citron, green tea, ginger, patchouli.

Nuit des Rois

Inspired by: Arabian princes and starlit desert nights.

Notes: patchouli, saffron, honey, vanilla, leather.

Or de Calambac

Inspired by: the colour and energy of lush Latin America.

Notes: cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, pepper, cocoa, tonka bean, vanilla, vetiver.

All fragrances are priced at AED 1,420 for 100ml.



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