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FitnessDubai CrossFit Championships: Five Reasons to Get Involved

Words by Tom Billinghurst

The first-ever CrossFit-sanctioned event in Dubai is a four-day competition that will bring athletes from around the world together to compete for a spot at the CrossFit Games in 2019.

Dubai CrossFit Championships


Matt Fraser, the fittest man on earth, at the 2016 CrossFit Games.

The fact that Dubai has its very own CrossFit-sanctioned event (taking place 12-15 December – full details here) is significant for a number of reasons. Not only does it bring the fittest athletes on the planet to the emirate, but it also gives the burgeoning community in Dubai the chance to show just how into the all-fitness discipline it is.

With Jumeriah Al Qasr, Al Marmon Conservation Reserve and the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium all playing host to the events set out across the three-day event, all nooks and crannies will be getting an insight into the incredible physical feats these remarkable athletes are capable of. And here are five reasons you should either get involved with the event, or the discipline itself.

You can book tickets for the event through the EDGAR website here.

The Athletes

These guys are real-life incredible Hulks, without the anger. Matt Fraser, Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Ben Smith are regarded as the “fittest on earth”. For a reason. Running 6 minute miles and then squatting over 200kgs and then rowing a marathon — one after the other — is an almost physical unimaginable feat. But these guys do it all with ease. And they’re clean – something the CrossFit community prides itself on. (Ricky Garrard’s recent exposure as an athlete that doped saw him excommunicated from the community for life.)

The Workouts

As alluded to above, the workouts are insane. Olympic lifts, power-lifting, sprints, gymnastics, aerobic endurance – you name it, it’s incorporated into a CrossFit workout. It’s a cross-fitness discipline, and it means it when it says so. There’s no fitness stone left unturned by the event organisers (mainly CrossFit mastermind Dave Castro). And they are always keeping the athletes on their toes, throwing in new workouts. For instance, at the Dubai CrossFit Championships, there’s a 4×4 desert run – something that hasn’t been seen in an event before.

The CrossFit Mission

At its core, part of it aim to “forge elite fitness”, CrossFit aims to, “improve health and fitness through education, research, philanthropy, and advocacy.” Minus the corporate jargon, the goal is to make everyone a better, more physically capable version of themselves, regardless of ability level. Self-improvement is high on the agenda just about everywhere today. And CrossFit is as good a place to start as any. You’ll see and experience this very notion at the Dubai CrossFit Championships if you head down.

The Stash

Quite simply, the Reebok CrossFit apparel, as well as the Rogue t-shirts, are some of the best gym kit around. If you like your stash, you won’t go wring with CrossFit kit. (Check out the Reebok CrossFit website for some awesome gym stash).

The Physiques

CrossFit athletes have an aversion to clothing. They tend to prefer working out in as little as possible – though they might have to revise the topless look for the Middle East. Either way, if you’re an admirer of the human form, you’ll see no better or finer example of it, in all its sculpted muscular glory than when these guys get going.

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