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Sport and Fitness

Dubai gym profile: Seven Gym

Words by Nathan Irvine

In a new regular on EDGAR we profile the outstanding fitness facilities - old and new - that are whipping the emirate into shape.

There are so many gyms and wellness centres it’s hard to pick one. But in a new EDGAR series we go behind the scenes with the best fitness facilities from across Dubai to find out which is the right one for you.

First up is Seven Gym based in Al Quoz.

In Pictures. Seven Gym

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What was the original concept behind Seven?

Seven is a premium lifestyle holistic facility with 26,000 square feet of space dedicated to fitness, relaxation and wellbeing. The idea was to create an environment where people could enjoy different facilities in the same place with a friendly atmosphere. Our goal is, above all, to keep our community united and to continue offering ideas and original concepts to our members with a wide choice of activities, events and classes. To be brief, Seven is open to everyone because you can always find what you need. This is not only related to the goal that you have set for yourself, but also through recovery with our professionals.

How would you describe Seven?

It’s the place to be. We are far from just a gym – you can unwind from a long day. Seven is a family. It’s a place where you meet new friends, where our personal trainers help you reach your goals. You can  discover things such as a cryo recovery sessions, physiotherapy or a relaxing massage. We also have a hairdressers and brunch in our Circle Cafe restaurant. We also strive to find you the best plan, the best discounts and the best events.

What do you think sets Seven apart from the other gyms in Dubai?

First, the atmosphere here is amazing. That includes how our gym was designed, and the vibe of our members who are part of this community. We pay attention to every detail so that your visit is the best. Second, our facilities, where you have the opportunity to do many things, such as: cryotherapy, which is essential for recovery of some injuries. We also have a physiotherapist, a masseur, one of the best hairdressers in Dubai, a very tasty restaurant with a wide ranging menu and brunch on weekends. We also have interesting and different classes with the best coaches in Dubai.

What are the challenges that you face when trying to stay ahead of the competition?

Our challenge was to make our place in and around the major sports companies here. I think we did it. Our challenge now is to maintain the same customer service and keep our members who make us a success.

How do you envision the Seven brand evolving in the future ?

Our goal is to make Seven an international brand and Dubai is the best place to start as it is so cosmopolitan.

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