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Dubai’s record breaking perfume goes on tour

Words by Nathan Irvine

It's scent-sational.

Did you know the world’s most expensive perfume is made right here in the UAE? Specifically, it’s made in Dubai by Nabeel Perfumes and is worth a cool AED 4.7m. Shumukh, that translates as ‘deserving the highest’, is set to embark on a world tour to showcase its ostentatious delights.

Its first stop will be in Nabeel Perfumes boutique store in London’s upmarket Knightsbridge.

World's most expensive perfume Shumukh in its huge trunk and pedestal.


Supplied It comes with an extravagant pedestal. Obviously.

New heights

For that amount of cash, you’re probably wondering what else you get.

Well, the trunk and pedestal that it comes in is 1.97cm – that’s one centimetre taller than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It has a mechanical hoist that adjust the height to that of the user. You then tap a button for a quick spritz.

The expensive parts come in the form of the jewels on the bottle. 3,571 sparkling diamonds (totalling 38.55 carats), topaz, pearls, 2,479 grams of 18 karat gold and 5893 grams of pure silver. So even after you’ve finished the three-litres of rich sandalwood, patchouli and more, you should probably keep the bottle.

So if you’re in London over the summer, it’s well worth a visit to see a piece of very expensive history.

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