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DXB Experiments’ Murder Mystery at The Lodge: Review

Words by Tom Billinghurst

DXB Experiments’ Murder Mystery dining experience at Weslodge Saloon has diners working out whodunit with a compelling plot and sublime food

A Canadian winter lodge. Sublime veal chop. And a ghastly murder scene. Might not sound like the sort of winning combination for diners in Dubai, but DXB Experiments’ latest episode is a culinary experience you really must try.

“I hear you’re up to no good at the distillery” — possibly one of the strangest ice-breakers I’ve been hit with. But it’s all part of the fun; though at times it can be hard to work out if your fellow diners are in or out of character.


There is sometimes that awkward half way feeling of murder mystery events, where as a grown up (or pretend adult), you think, “This is silly, I can’t engage.” Not so with this event, so well put together is the story and the acting from the professionals at the table.

Weslodge Salon, at the JW Marriot Marquis, has decked out its private dining area in the style of a 19th century Canadian winter lodge, around which the narrative of 15 characters — all tied to the Dram Valley Lodge Distillery — unfolds. The pop-up event runs from November 26 – 30. Click here to book a seat at the table people are dying to sit at.

The narrative is long and at times complicated, so you’ll need to do your reading around your character (information sheets are sent to you well in advance of your booked evening), and get a good handle on who is who around the table.

As the brand sponsor Glenfiddich cocktails — matched with the menu — flow, the evening gets more and more bizarre, with characters like Twisty Christie and Nick Blade, all approaching you to accuse or blackmail as the plot of the evening thickens and becomes increasingly complex.

Murder Mystery Dinner Dubai


DXB Experiments Always watch your back — you don't know who suspects you

Soon, you find yourself tied to your character with an inexplicably loyalty. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in — black market dealing rogue, fugitive, murderer or lead investigator — you’re sucked into the narrative with surprising ease, which speaks volumes of the organisation of the event, and the professional actors that move the evening along.

One tip: servants know much. Don’t be afraid to part with some cash for information.

On the culinary side, the food is sublime. Though it probably doesn’t get the attention is deserves because of the excitement surrounding the whodunit scenes unfolding around you. Of particular note is the veal chop in truffle butter. Velvety on the tongue, soft as a baby’s cheek and nicely balanced with the brash flavour of the truffle.

In particular instance, it really is a dinner worth dying for.

So, if you want to get stuck into an intriguing mystery as well as some top-notch grub, get your sleuthing hat on and book a place at the limited-run event at Weslodge Salon.

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