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Review: Ewaan Indian Street Food Bazaar

Words by Nathan Irvine

Ewaan's latest Thursday night brunch is taking flavours and cues from India.

There are many reasons to head to Ewaan at Palace Downtown. The view of the fountains and the imposing figure of the Burj Khalifa is one. Another is its traditional Arabic interiors that offer a superb setting for an evening out with your loved one, too.

And now you can add its Thursday night Indian Street Food Bazaar as another reason to take a trip downtown.

Ewaan Review


Palace Downtown You'll find dishes spread across the entire venue

Spice world

It’s fairly imposing when you walk in to this new themed night. Ewaan has pulled out all the stops, which means the entire place is home to some form of deliciousness.

50 different dishes are spread across central islands, cooking stations and beyond. You’re pretty much spoilt for choice, so making the most of it all involves some serious planning.

We start with the creamy butter chicken, a healthy serving of vermicelli rice and luchi, which is a deep fried flat bread. The tastes all come together expertly, which is no mean feat considering Ewaan specialises in Arabic food.

It doesn’t take long before we’re back amongst the islands for another round. This time its the chicken saag that lands on the plate – succulent pieces of meat that’s cooked with cream and spinach.

Again, it’s another winner and one we’d happily eat for the rest of the evening. But we’re here to sample a bit of everything, so on we must go.

Ewaan Review


Palace Downtown A small selection of the desserts on offer

Ewaan Review


Palace Downtown You can get your carvery on here, too

Decisions, decisions

What’s great about the Indian Street Food Bazaar is that Ewaan still finds the space to provide international cuisine.

Sure, India is the main focus, and takes up a majority of floorspace, but you’ll also find Asian, British and, of course, Arabic food, too. We broke off from our culinary journey across India to sample some fantastic dim sum and a lovely bit of roast chicken and mixed vegetables.

We ate so much of the mains that we skipped dessert altogether, but from what we saw, those with a sweet-tooth won’t be short of options.

Overall, Ewaan’s new Indian night is success. It’s spread of food covers every taste and really switches up your Thursday night routine for the better.




Where: Ewaan
When: Thursday, 7pm-11.30pm
From AED 240

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