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InterviewHow the Fast Food Industry is Adapting For Vegans

Words by Nathan Irvine

Roti Rollers founder Ahsan Kahlon explains how the plant-based revolution is affecting the fast food industry.

When we think about veganism and vegetarianism shaking up the food industry, their effect on the fast food is often overlooked.

Big restaurants with top chefs attached, like Ronda Locatelli, must cater for new tastes to survive. But just how do quick eat joints view these changes?

We asked Ahsan Kahlon, founder of Indian street food experts, Roti Rollers how the lifestyle switch is changing things up.

Fast Food Industry For Vegans


Supplied Roti Rollers founder, Ahsan Kahlon

On consumer tastes…

“Consumers will always love fast food and that’s never going go change. However, nowadays they are becoming more conscious about what they’re putting in their bodies and that is pushing the fast food industry to find healthier alternatives.”

On the changes that are taking place…

“With veganism and vegetarianism becoming a lifestyle many are adopting, fast food chains are now introducing new menu options. Veggie and vegan alternatives to things like burgers, steaks and the like. For example, using jack fruit to imitate the texture of meat and make things such as The Impossible Burger.

On fine dining outlets…

“Most fine dining concepts and steakhouses have a menu built around exotic meats such as duck, rabbit, venison and scallop. But now we see them adding ‘green’ options to cater to the growing population of conscious consumers.”

On the fast food industry…

“I feel this [vegan and vegetarian popularity] is a great opportunity for the businesses to broaden their appeal. It gives them the ability to reshape their menu, add more options, and incorporate new formulas that could potentially allow them to be more even more profitable.”

On adapting Roti Roller…

“What we are offering at Roti Rollers is street food made with a healthier twist so there is something for everyone.”

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