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NewsFerrari adds a touch of luxury to your work space

Words by Nathan Irvine

Luxury Italian furniture maker, Poltrona Frau teams up with Ferrari to create an office chair of distinction.

You might not be able to afford your dream Ferrari just yet, but you can now buy an integral piece of one. The super sophisticated Cockpit is a direct result of a marriage between Ferrari and Italian furniture maker, Poltrona Frau. It offers a state-of-the-art desk chair for tapping up your emails that carries the craft and comfort of the seats found in the iconic vehicles.

The Cockpit is built for those that spend long hours behind a desk. It’s also highly ergonomic. Ferrari has spent more than 70 years designing and testing all aspects of its seat to create the most comfortable seats around, and the Cockpit is a direct result of this. See you later, chronic back pain.

The President and Executive models


The Presidential and Executive models

Ferrari Cockpit chair


Ferrari's blue (black?) print for the Cockpit

Also, Poltrona Frau has been upholstering the interiors of Ferraris for many years, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the same uncompromising attention to detail in each chair.

As you’d expect with anything that comes with the Ferrari’s official seal of approval, the Cockpit has a premium price. Starting at an eye-watering AED 42,000, it’s not quite an impulse buy. But then again, when you’re spending up to nine hours per day sat down in it, the Cockpit might well be your shrewdest investment of the year.


The Ferrari Cockpit office chair is now available from Poltrona Frau stores across the Middle East.

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