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Five Reasons We Love Ryoko

Words by Edgar Daily

Here’s why the Dubai-based leather goods company Ryoko caught our eye.

The leather
The league table of leather quality goes like this: full grain, top grain, genuine leather. Ryoko use full grain leather sourced from Japan and Italy because it has the strongest and most durable fibres.

The colour
Bags and accessories are vegetable tanned inside traditional wooden drums and finished by hand. Vegetable tanned leather gets softer and darker with age. In other words, the leather reflects your journey.

The name
Ryoko is a Japanese word meaning ‘travel’. How appropriate.

The stitching
Wallets from Ryoko are hand-stitched with a needle using Japanese waxed thread. Each stitch is interlocked to make them stronger.

The owners
Husband and wife team, Anirban and Noon Basu have a love for travel and photography. They visited tanneries around the world to research leather craftsmanship. Anirban actually learned to hand-stitch leather goods while on holiday in Thailand and sometimes makes prototypes for Ryoko himself.

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