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Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer: 7 Talking Points

Words by Rob Chilton

"They are coming"

Those screams you heard recently were the outpourings of emotion from Game of Thrones fans. Why? Well, they finally got to watch the trailer for the final season of their beloved show.

Ever since its debut in 2011, GoT has made superb trailers and this one for the hugely-anticipated finale is no different. Dramatic twists, jaw-dropping images and head-scratching teasers – it has the lot.

The seven talking points being discussed over at EDGAR HQ right now are below. But first, let’s check the trailer out again…

Big words

Obviously, this being a trailer means that the dialogue spoken is of the highest dramatic order and there are some killer lines.

“I know death, he’s got many faces – I’m looking forward to seeing this one,” from Arya Stark is suitably cryptic and proves she is a paid-up member of the Faceless Man gang.

Jamie Lannister declaring: “I promised to fight for the living. I intend to keep that promise,” has some Shakespearean power, while Jon Snow’s warning, “They’re coming”, is foreboding with a capital F.


Is it just us or has Jon Snow been to the hairdresser at Winterfell? His hair looked beautifully swept back and his beard looked neater and tidier than ever before.

Maybe becoming King in the North has encouraged him to smarten up his act. Or he’s been hanging around Daenerys Targaryen and her beautiful silver locks, so borrowed her conditioner.

Game of Thrones


HBO A bigger production budget means more dragons

Game of Thrones


HBO Will Jon Snow survive until the end?

Cersei’s smirk

Who’s the best actor on Game of Thrones? Lena Headey is definitely in the running. The trailer only features snippets of her villainous character Cersei but proves that Headey only needs a few seconds to land a punch with a smirk, a grin or a frown.

Turn the lights on

HBO reportedly doubled the budget for the six episodes of season eight, but it appears that none of that money was spent on lighting.

The trailer is dark as a raven’s belly. Almost every scene seemingly takes place in underground crypts with burning torches that dimly catch the characters’ faces.

Fight, fight, fight!

The battle at Winterfell, the Stark family residence, looks like it’s going to be major. With night descending, the snow swirls as the White Walkers line up one side and the Unsullied legions line up on the other, each ready for a scrap that must have taken producers, cast and directors weeks to choreograph and shoot. Bring. It. On.

The return of old favourites

Any trailer for GoT gives fans the opportunity to tick off sightings of their favourite characters. And this sneak preview for season 8 rattled through glimpses of many familiar faces.

Tyrion – phew, thank goodness he’s back. The silver-tongued Varys turned nervously to his left in a cellar packed with people – are they hiding from invaders perhaps?

Tormund and his magnificent red beard were seen descending a flight of stairs. Jorah rode into battle heroically on horseback.

Gandry – with his shirt loosened like Poldark – was hard at work forging weapons. Missandei and Grey Worm (everyone’s favourite GoT lovebirds) had a kiss. Oh, and let’s not forget the dragons, swooping, squawking and breathing fire as usual.

The horse

The closing image would send chills down any Throner’s spine. The decaying legs and hooves of a White Walker’s horse step into frame from the left and land on the snow with two drum beats.

It’s at this moment that watching fans finally exhale after holding their breath for two minutes. And then maybe lie down in a dark room to contemplate what they have just seen.

Game of Thrones returns to OSN HD First on April 14


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