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GMC Sierra Denali 2019 review

Words by Nathan Irvine

Is it time to pick-up the GMC Sierra Denali 2019 truck? EDGAR goes behind the wheel to find out.

It’s massive. That’s my first thought when I stand alongside the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali. It’s the top-end version of the popular pick-up truck and one that seems to be even taller than its rivals this year. I felt like a tiny child each time I climbed into it, and the cavernous cockpit only adds to the feeling of being the size of a Borrower.

So with so much height, and so much space, what has GMC managed to cram inside its flagship truck this time around?

2019 GMC Sierra Denali driving past rolling hills and lake behind it.


GMC Sierra Denali 2019


6.2-litre, V8 VVT DI


420bhp at 5,600rpm


623Nm at 4,300rpm


10-speed automatic


AED 239,400


As well as being able to host a small festival inside it’s huge cockpit, the Sierra Denali has add some neat little flourishes and upgrades.

Take the high-end leather upholstery for example. This is usually an area where US made cars struggle to compete with its European rivals, but for once GMC delivers premium look and feel to the seats and dashboard. It finally feels like you’re getting the luxury you paid for.

Elsewhere, you’ll notice that the cabin is full of secret panels that lead to extra storage space. Open up the back of the rear seats and you’ll find a spot within them to store stuff. Thankfully, the ride noise has been reduced from the last model. You can hear a pin drop even when the V8 engine is at full roar.

One thing that does grate is the lack of heads-up display on GCC models. The slot for windscreen projector is still cut into the dashboard, but the tech has curiously been left out. Shame.


The GMC Sierra Denali 2019 is easily one of the better – if not best – looking pick- trucks around. Lashings of chrome on the front, including the mammoth grille, combine well for a stunning overall look.

It sits on 20″ rims as standard, but can be upgraded to the flashier 22″ inch wheels if you like. And with powerful C-shaped LED headlamps lighting the way, the GMC Sierra Denali 2019 is a certified stunner. But there’s more than meets the eye, too.

Head around the back and you’ll find a new benchmark for tailgates. It can transform in six different ways depending on the cargo load, which is extremely handy for lugging all manner of items. From awkward flatpack furniture to canoes or ATVs, it can handle them all.




Vehicles that stand so tall usually have issue with ride wobble when taking corners at anything other than crawling pace. But that’s not what we have here. The GMC Sierra Denali 2019 clings to the asphalt when cornering, without flinging you around. It’s a supremely smooth drive, and then some.

Its 6.2l V8 engine is quick off the mark and perfectly serenaded by twin exhausts for that extra grunt on the roads.

And although it’s a beast of a machine, parking is incredibly easy thanks to a combination of zen-balanced power steering and parkings assists galore.

2019 GMC Sierra Denali parked facing camera with rolling hills and lake behind it at dusk.



At AED 239,400, the GMC Sierra Denali 2019 doesn’t come cheap. Sure, you get a lot of tech, great looks and comfortable ride for your cash, but this is still a hefty amount of cash to part with. Especially considering a Ford Raptor 2019 is around AED 20,000 less and built for off-roading as well as the city.

It’s also a thirsty car. A measly 15mpg (city) or 20mpg (highway) will only add to the costs.

However, GMC has created the best-in-class pick-up for 2019 so far. You won’t find a more well-rounded truck right now in terms of safety, luxury and tech – and that, much like the vehicle itself, is massive.

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