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David Gandy in loungewear.


How to upgrade your loungewear

Words by Nathan Irvine

Loungin' around.

It shouldn’t really take a global pandemic to reassess your loungewear fashion, but here we are. Don’t worry though as you’re not alone. Two weeks into the lockdown and we’ve also realised that we’re due an upgrade too.

But first, what is loungewear? It’s best to think of it as comfy clothing that you wouldn’t mind being caught wearing if a guest arrived unexpectedly. They’re like pyjamas without the porridge stains.

What you might not know is that a majority of fashion houses have a loungewear line too. Until now you haven’t needed to know about it. Probably because you usually get dressed into your suit, chinos/jeans and shirt <delete as appropriate> and head out to work on a daily basis.


A selection of loungewear t-shirts from Marks & Spencer.


Marks & Spencer The high street favourite has an extensive selection of loungewear.

Locked in fashion

Fashionable loungewear is not only video conference call friendly, it also makes you feel good. As we currently can’t go out and show off a new outfit, this feels like a good alternative.

It also tricks your brain into thinking that you’re getting ready for a day at work, thus sparking the creativity that’s absent when you’re sat in your Super Mario pyjamas.

The best place to start is one of the many e-retailers out there. Namshi, Farfetch and even Marks & Spencer are just three examples that have specialised loungewear sections.

You’re bound to find something you like that suits your style. However, if you’re looking for some pointers on how to upgrade your loungewear fashion, we’ve got you covered…


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